Gambling via Internet Terminals: Types and Advantages of Devices

Gambling via Internet Terminals: Types and Advantages of Devices

Gambling via Internet Terminals: Types and Advantages of Devices

Internet terminals are autonomous devices designed to go online and intended for public use. Using them, people can check emails, visit different web resources, and play at online casinos. What are the advantages of these gambling devices?

What are Internet terminals?

What are Internet terminals

Internet terminals are special equipment that allows visiting websites, playing games, and communicating with other users via email. Such devices are installed at special gambling parlors where anyone can use the terminal for a certain fee. In terms of functionality, terminals are an analog of computers but they use touch screens instead of ordinary screens.

The distinctive feature of such devices is the fact that they provide immediate access to gaming websites and online casinos. Using terminals, you can immerse into the gambling world quickly and easily and get access to favorite slots. These devices look like banking terminals used for making payment transactions.

This gambling device allows customers to buy the online casino’s internal currency and start placing bets straight away. You can find gambling terminals in entertainment centers and slot machines parlors.

Construction of Internet terminals

Internet terminals differ from slot machines in their appearance and structure. Usually, they take less space and look rather compact. The standard weight of such a device is around 80 kilograms. Energy consumption is 350 W. One can buy and install such terminals by contacting industry-specific companies.

The Internet terminal consists of:

  • system block;

  • touch screen;

  • outside case;

  • cooling system;

  • cash acceptor;

  • protection system against unauthorized access.

Some of the terminals use backlit keyboards comprised of several navigation buttons (if there is no keyboard, one can play using the touch screen only). Usually, such devices use Windows OS and have built-in speakers to produce quality sound. For the sake of comfort, the Internet terminal can have a built-in glass holder and ashtray (if the sizes allow). The device is powered by connecting to the standard electric network.

Types of Internet terminals

All Internet gambling terminals have similar principles of operation but devices can differ in their appearance, sizes, and additional functions.

  • Floor standing terminal without a keyboard. Convenient, simple to use, consists of a system block, a screen, and a cash acceptor;

  • Floor standing terminal with a keyboard. It differs from the first type only by the presence of buttons, which make the device a little more convenient to use;

  • Tabletop terminal. A small device designed for small-area venues;

  • Terminal-monitor. Touch monitor that allows going online and playing at online casinos. It can be additionally equipped with a barcode reader.

Depending on the device type, owners of gambling parlors can choose where to place a specific terminal.

Advantages of Internet gambling terminals

It is simple and beneficial to use Internet gambling terminals in entertainment centers. Such devices are not expensive but will bring profits on the first days of use, and will pay back quickly (if they are installed in the correct place with lots of customers). Just one person that has minimal knowledge about hardware can carry out maintenance.

Pros of gambling terminals:

  • quick connection, all you have to do is to plug it into a socket;

  • settings are simple to manage and do not require special skills;

  • they can be used as a replacement for slot machines;

  • provide a wide range of interesting games;

  • record all game statistics such as winnings and payouts.

Internet terminals are not officially classified as slot machines, so taxes are not high for them in most regions. To open your business, you do not have to buy devices, as there is a possibility to rent them for the start.

How to play using the Internet terminal

How to play using the Internet terminal

Interfaces of Internet gambling terminals are simple and user-friendly. To start playing at an online casino, the customer has to make a deposit. To make it, you have to turn to the administrator that will add the required sum to the system. You can do it on your own if the terminal has a cash acceptor.

After you refill the account with the electronic currency in the sum equivalent to the deposit, you can connect to the server of the gambling site and make your choice of a slot. Further, follow the instructions on the screen and place bets. If you win, you can receive cash from the administrator or directly from the Internet terminal if it offers such a possibility.


Internet gambling terminals are a good choice for entrepreneurs that want to open a small business or expand the current one. These devices stand out for low price, a possibility to make a profit quickly, and small tax rate.

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